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The PIDC Secretariat provides policy support to Members in accordance with the organisation's strategic plan on a regional basis and with Members bilaterally as required. Some of the key areas of policy support are listed below.

The PIDC publishes policy briefs on issues of relevance to members to build awareness, highlight issues and provide initial guidance. Links to these briefs are provided where available.


Human trafficking and people smuggling

Disasters and immigration

Immigration and labour mobility


Asylum seekers and refugees

UNHCR provides a 24/7 telephone hotline for Pacific Island Countries to provide advice and guidance when authorities encounter a person fearful of return to their home country. The number to call is +61 408 619 052. For more details read the Non-Expulsion Checklist provided by UNHCR. The checklist highlights possible signs that a person is in need of protection and suggestions for further questioning.


Other issues

Issues on which bilateral support has been provided include the regularisation of irregular migrant populations, introducing visa regimes, standards for passport photos, labour mobility policy and the entry of citizens.


Policy blog

A policy blog has been developed to help share information provided bilaterally where appropriate with the wider membership.


For further information or support contact the Secretariat.

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