Members of PIDC

What do we do?

The PIDC's strategic objectives are:

  1. To improve the management of international people movements;
  2. To strengthen border management and security; and
  3. To work together to build capacity to deliver immigration services.

Our work

Through its secretariat, and seeking to always be led by its members, the PIDC undertakes a broad spectrum of work, including:

  • Developing and harmonising immigration policy and legislation across the region to meet international standards
  • Collating, exchanging and analysing targeted information to build a clear picture of regular and irregular migration in the Pacific and support evidence-based policy
  • Representing the views of Pacific immigration agencies at regional and international forums, and collaborating with partner agencies
  • Ensuring immigration officials are equipped with the skills and tools to manage borders in the region and prevent immigration and related crime

Who are we?



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