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The Board is a permanent subsidiary body of the PIDC and acts on behalf of the PIDC to provide governance to the organisation. The Board acts on behalf of the PIDC to provide governance oversight of the day-to-day operational activity of the PIDC Secretariat, other Subsidiary Bodies and Sub-committees of the organisation. The Board meets three times each year in February, November and a day immediately prior to the Annual Conference.

The Board is elected annually at each Annual Conference for a one year term. 

The Board for the 2017/18 business period is currently comprised of New Zealand (as Chair of the PIDC), Fiji (as Vice-Chair incoming), Republic of the Marshall Islands (Vice-Chair outgoing), Australia, Federated States of Micronesia (Micronesian Rep), PNG (Melanesian Rep), Kiribati (Small Island States Rep) and Tonga (Polynesian Rep). 

The PIDC Constitution guides the  Board in implementing its various functions and duties in alignment with the vision, values and ethical standards that the PIDC aspires to uphold.

Management Board members at the First Board meeting in Nadi, Fiji in 2013.

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