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Management Board Meeting: Chairs Summary

Posted On: Wednesday, 18 March 2015

The 27th Management Board meeting of the Pacific Immigration Directors? Conference (PIDC),  was convened in Nadi, Fiji on 26 and 27 February 2015 and attended by representatives from Samoa (Acting Chair), Australia (Donor), Solomon Islands (Melanesia), Republic of the Marshall Islands (Micronesia), Kiribati (Small Island States), New Zealand (Donor) and Tuvalu (Polynesia).

The meeting was opened with a prayer before the Acting Chair and Samoa Chief Executive Officer ? Ministry of Prime Minister and Cabinet, Ms Vaosa Epa welcomed Board members to the 3rd PIDC Management Board meeting for the 2014/15 meeting schedule.

She acknowledged the Chair Mr Mataio Rabura?s apologies in light of his return to PNG and conveyed the Board?s sympathy and condolences in the passing of his mother.

The Acting Chair acknowledged the dramatic changes in economies, government systems, policies and environment that everyone in the region continues to be exposed to in the 21st century. She noted that in spite of these challenges and against a backdrop of limited resources and staffing capacities, PIDC members have continued to work collectively to strengthen the management and monitoring of border control issues. Most significant was the ability of the PIDC family to hold on to its key values of commitment, openness, family and teamwork, trust and respect, integrity, innovation and flexibility, good governance, rule of law and leadership to address the changing border control environment

The Acting Chair encouraged Board members to diligently discuss issues highlighted in their meeting agenda and to openly express their views on immigration issues as they work together to make the  Pacific Islands a safe haven. She concluded by expressing satisfaction that even though young as an organisation PIDC has contributed towards a safer Pacific.

Issues Considered by the Management Board

PIDC Legal Entity Status 
The Management Board welcomed the inclusion of two new members into the PIDC family; the Cook Islands and Vanuatu following their endorsement of the PIDC Memorandum of Understanding. The Board continued to encourage countries that haven?t signed the MoU to continue working towards finalising their signing process. The Board expressed frustration at the lack of progress in finalising the Headquarters arrangement and agreed to specific deadlines and responsibilities amongst Management Board members to finalise the Headquaters arrangement by the 2015 Annual Conference. 

Secretariat Report 
Management Board acknowledged the PIDC Secretariat?s report on its ongoing work programme and its commitment to successfully completing additional tasks set out by the Management Board. The Board reaffirmed its commitment to supporting the Secretariat in completing its respective key activity areas of the Secretariat?s Interim Work Plan. 

PIDC 2013-2015 Strategic plan Review findings and recommendations   
Management Board endorsed the draft Strategic Plan 2016-18 after an intensive review process that included a one day workshop.  The review identified emerging immigration issues and how the organisation was strategically positioned to support members in addressing these regional issues on a collective level. The new Strategic Plan to be presented at the 2015 Annual Conference for member?s endorsement has aligned its strategic goals to the vision of the Pacific Forum leaders adopted under the Pacific Framework for Pacific Regionalism.

PIDC Communication PLAN 
Noting the need for a coordinated approach in advocating the interests of the organisation, the Management Board approved the new PIDC Communication Plan 2016.

pidc people smuggling, human trafficking and irregular migration report
Management Board approved the publication of the PIDC People Smuggling, human trafficking and irregular migration report. The PIDC and the Intra ACP Migration Facility had conducted an assessment on Irregular Migration in the Pacific Islands. The assessment was designed to provide governments with an analysis of the extent of irregular migration in the region, the drivers behind the movement of people, the impacts on host countries, and strategies to protect vulnerable groups and regularise migration. This report will be shared amongst members and is restricted to law enforcement agencies.

2014 annual report 
Management Board endorsed the 2014 Annual report noting the organisations achievements and challenges during the 2014 business calendar year. The Annual report provides a detailed insight into the activities of the organisation and decisions, changes and reviews that have been undertaken on behalf of members. The document is useful for members and stakeholders in monitoring the work of the Secretariat and Management Board.

border management study 
Management Board approved a regional study on border management to be funded by Australia noting in particular the benefits of the proposed Pacific Island Countries border management study. The study would allow for analysis of current capabilities in relation to immigration systems, legislation, processes and training amongst PIDC member countries wishing to be part of the study. It would identify and assess border integrity risks and recommend practical future opportunities for partnership between Donors and the Pacific Island countries to address these risks.

Management Board agreed that the 2015 Annual Conference would now be rescheduled to 28-30 July, 2015 in Apia, Samoa. Members welcomed the progress update on the Annual Conference preparations provided by Samoa Immigration. The Secretariat will issue invitations to this year?s annual conference following the confirmation of its theme and meeting agenda.

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