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PIDC Undertaking Renaming Process as the Organisation Rebrands - Members invited to Send Submissions

Posted On: Monday, 9 January 2017

Pacific Immigration Directors' Conference (PIDC) has invited its members to submit by 20 January 2017 possible names and logos for the organisation.  PIDC was established in 1996 and at its second Annual Conference in 1997 Members considered and adopted its name as the "Pacific Immigration Directors Conference". This initial name reflected the functions of the organisation in its early years where immigration heads would meet annually. It was also made to broaden its membership to include other Independent territories and states in the Pacific. Over the years the functions of the organisation has moved away from annual meetings to now include providing technical assistance and policy advice that supports improvements to the management of international people movement, strengthening border management and security and building capacity for immigration agencies in the Pacific.


Members at the 2016 Annual Conference held in Majuro endorsed the concept to change the name of the PIDC to correctly reflect what the organisation has grown into under its legal and permanent status supported by a Secretariat that is active throughout the year. While there was no reference to a change of logo in the renaming process, the Board has considered using the opportunity to explore a change of logo that is in line with efforts to rebrand the organisation as we continue to explore how we can better communicate the objectives and mission of the organisation.


The Board Governance Sub-Committee will be working closely with the Secretariat to gather and review proposed names for the organisation and subsequently make recommendations to the Board. The recommendation would ensure that the proposed new name and logo communicates a clear and vibrant message that reflects the core values and priorities of the organisation.  The selected name will have agreed to a number of set criteria to guide the selection process that includes the relevance of the proposed name and logo to stated PIDC objectives; fitness for purpose; brevity; and appropriateness and impact of acronym. The Board is expected to subsequently select a name that would then be circulated to the wider Membership for its consideration and endorsement.


This proposed name and logo with accompanying description will be circulated for Members to consider and possibly endorse by 31 March 2017.  At the 2017 regular Annual Meeting, the organisation as part of its activities will officially launch its new name and logo.   

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