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Australia Seasonal Workers schemer employer praises Fijian workers performance

Posted On: Wednesday, 14 February 2018

BRISBANE,14 FEBRUARY 2018 (DEPTFO NEWS)---Fijians employed in Australia under the Seasonal Worker Programme (SWP) have been praised for their good performance. The commendation was made to the Minister for Employment, Productivity and Industrial Relation Honourable Jone Usamate by one of the Australian employer during his ministerial visit to the Bundaberg region, Queensland tour this week. Akers Farm managing director Dean Akers while meeting the Minister expressed his sincere gratitude and highlighted that he is extremely happy with the performance of the 10 Fijian workers currently employed in his farm.

“I am very appreciative of the workers’ proper work ethics and discipline. They are hardworking and very committed,” Akers said.

“I also wish to acknowledge the Fijian Government for the stringent selection process and fitness test conducted to potential workers in Fiji in ensuring that quality and best employees are given the opportunity to work under the seasonal worker programme,” the employer added.  

The Fijian workers also conveyed their appreciation to Minister Usamate and expressed their utmost gratitude to the Fijian Government for the opportunity given through the National Employment Centre (NEC) to be selected for employment opportunities under the SWP. Minister Usamate reminded the workers on the need to work hard and maintain proper discipline and work ethics in order to open doors for more employment opportunities for other potential Fijian workers under the program in the near future. During the same visit the Minister also met with potential employers who have shown interest in recruiting Fijian workers in the 2018 seasons after seeing the Fijian workers’ excel in other farms.

Meanwhile, Minister Usamate made a courtesy call to the Mayor of Bundaberg and has discussed further opportunities of growing the seasonal worker programme.....PACNEWS

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